Top 5 Favorite Boba Tea Flavors

Top 5 Favorite Boba Tea Flavors

Posted on May 23, 2023

Boba tea, also commonly known as bubble tea, is a delicious refreshment that is gaining more popularity than ever. In the early 1980s, this Taiwanese drink was created and soon made its way across the seas and into western countries through the passage of Taiwanese migrants.

We can now find boba tea shops across cities, stands in our local malls, and even purchase DIY boba kits at our house. Bubble tea is the perfect option for a sweet and delectable drink. It can consist of fresh fruit juices or use milk as its base. The most noteworthy components of bubble tea are the chewy tapioca balls that settle at the bottom of the cup. I mean, let’s face it. Bubble tea is absolutely ADORABLE! 

So, what flavors of boba tea are among the top 5? Choosing from a list of familiar boba tea flavors, these are our favorites!

Strawberry Boba Tea

Perfect as a summer bubble tea option. Strawberry boba tea offers a tart and fruity flavor profile. The base often contains a green tea base where strawberry fruit juice or syrup and boba balls are added. You can add a smoother texture by opting for a coconut or regular milk splash. 

Mango Boba Tea

If you enjoy a refreshing tropical flavor, you will LOVE mango boba tea. This tea is made with fresh mango juice and sometimes blended with coconut milk to add a creamy texture. This flavor will be among the lighter ones, which won’t settle too heavily in your stomach. 

Brown Sugar Bubble Tea

If you want something desserty and sweet, give brown sugar bubble tea a try. Combined with a milk base, this drink is perfect for after dinner or to pair with your favorite baked good. The tapioca pearls in the drink are typically infused with brown sugar, adding an extra boost of sweetness. 

Matcha Milk Boba Tea

This one is for you matcha lovers! Paired with milk, this bubble tea is creamy with a bright, fresh green flavor. If you aren’t a fan of matcha, we want to warn you that matcha has a firm flavor profile. It is loved by many but is not a flavor you can easily mask. 

Rose Boba Tea

If you are looking for a unique and fragrant flavor, rose boba tea may be your new favorite go-to. It combines a smooth and rich feel on the palate while providing a mild floral taste. Rose milk bubble tea can be created alongside a fruity flavor or, more commonly, with milk for a creamy texture. 

Are You a Boba Tea Lover?

Bubble tea is a trending drink, and for a good reason! It brings a wholesome and unique taste to our mouths. With various bubble tea flavors, we recommend trying something new every time to narrow down YOUR top 5. 

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